Credit Card Payment


Free shipping for orders US$ 450 and above. Standard shipping rate is US$ 50. We only ship to countries in Asia. Please note that international taxes and duties may apply upon receiving the package.

What cards we accept:

We accept credit cards issued by VISA, Mastercard, JCB, and Union Pay. 

After 3D verification has succeeded, our system will authorize the payment as successful and you will subsequently receive a confirmation message. You can also log in to your account and see your order history.

If payment doesn't go through: 

If your payment doesn't get through, please contact your credit card provider. There are several possible reasons why your credit card has been declined. It could be unstable Internet connection, incorrect typing of verification code, or bank's system communication issues.

Shall the 3D verification page doesn't show, or an error 304 page is shown on your screen, it means that your bank doesn't issue the corresponding 3D verification. If in case your bank does issue such function, kindly change your browser to Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox.

If for instance you are shopping Georg Jensen Travel site using mobile or tablet and you cannot see the image code provided, this may be due to your operating system or your browser. We suggest you change your browser or shift to desktop to place orders on our site.