After confirming your payment, Georg Jensen Travel will issue an invoice of your choice (electronic and in triplicate). Each order corresponds to one invoice. If multiple items need separate invoices, please place multiple orders. 

Invoices are deemed to be final and cannot be changed. 

  • Types of invoice issued: 
Electronic Invoice:Mainly issued for individual receipts and issued two days after payment and shall be delivered to your email address. 
  *If the issued ticket is a winning lottery ticket, will be notified by post. Non-winning tickets will not be notified.
  *If paper invoice is requested, we will send it to the billing address you have specified after the 7 day grace period. This invoice hence will not be included with your items.  
Triplicate Invoice:Mainly issued for companies and sent by mail within 14 working days in the billing address you have provided upon ordering. 
  *Invoice can be modified only within 7 days after issue. Only title and VAT number can be modified. 
  *Invoice date cannot be changed.
  *Shall there be changes in the invoice, please mail your invoices before the 5th of the month indicated in the invoice. Kindly also indicate your correct company information so we can assist you in changing the incorrect information. You can mail the invoice to:

Suite 805, 8F., No.136,
Sec.3, Renai Rd.,
Taipei 10657, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Attn: Georg Jensen Travel Accounting Department

  • Purchase record checking
    At the checkout, the system will provide you with the type of invoice you choose. You can also go to "My Account" section to inquire about your purchase records such as order number, date, ordered items, and amount. 
    Our system will send you an invoice number and can be checked at 48 hours after the issuance. 
    • Changing invoice type

    In accordance with the provisions of the unified invoice issuance, only the writing errors can be changed; personal invoices can not be changed for the company invoices, corporate invoices can not be changed for personal invoice.

    Once the receipt has been issued, it cannot be changed at will nor the customer can change the VAT number specified for other purposes.