Men's Jewellery

Daily care and maintenance is important to keep your jewelry in top condition.
Silver accessories

Tarnished silverware could be cleaned with polishing cloth. Tarnish remover is only recommended for non-coated silver articles and jewellery.

Gold, platinum, brass, and rhodium-plated accessories
Use polishing cloth to wipe clean. For brass and rhodium coated articles, use soft cloth to polish.

Oxidation builds up easily with silverware, hence it is recommended to wrap the article in a thin piece of paper and store in an airtight container. Also note that silverware tarnishes easily when in contact with leather goods, hence please pay special attention.

Q:Can jewelry and accessories be soaked into tubs and baths? 
A:It is not recommended as chain may break. Please try to avoid baths and pools with your jewelry. There is the risk of discoloration of the silver when in contact with high temperatures, hence it is best to remove the jewelry beforehand. 
Q:How to care for gem stones ?
A:Avoid prolonged contact with water, as it may cause peeling of its adhesives, breakage, and separation.