Care should not be neglected in daily life. Belts should be wipes and stored properly to extend its life. 
After the first day of use, gently pat dry with a soft cloth to release water vapor. Put under the sunlight and on a dry place. 
When applying a maintenance solution, squeeze an appropriate amount and pat dry. 
Do not roll the belt, instead, hang it in an upright position using a belt holder or hook. If not used regularly, pat dry to remove grease. 
Shortening the belt: 
    1. Loop the belt and measure your waist girth. Or you can use your other belts to match your correct sizing. 
    2. Loosen the screw on the swivel head and remove the belt. And then from the end of the first measurement, cut off the measured value.
    3. Measure the distance from the tip of the belt to the center hole. (If there are five holes, that is the third). 
    4. When trimming the belt, reserve a length longer than the measured value.