Leather Goods

Leather goods get better with time, and with proper care and maintenance, it breeds its own character.  


Wipe the leather with soft, dry cloth weekly. It is recommended that a maintenance solution or oil be used once a month to prevent mildew and possible cracking.  

How to apply leather polish: 

1. Get rid of dirt/dust
To prevent mould from breeding, dry with soft cloth to remove dirt and dust. As the leather is delicate, pat it gently. 
2. Apply the solution/ liquid cleaner
Gently apply the solution in circular motion until it absorbs. 
3. Remove excess solution with dry cloth
After maintenance solution has been absorbed, dry the whole leather once to remove excess residue.


Store in a cool, dry, and ventilated place to prevent mildew. 

*If there is some white stuff present in the leather area, don't worry. It is a fruit wax and mostly seen during your first use. Just wipe it dry with cloth.