30 complicated and precise leather processing procedures.

Features: tight leather, no loose surface phenomenon (loose surface: looseness of leather grain layer), smooth and shiny leather surface, moisture-resistance, good shape, stable color, no color diffusion, light resistance, and temperature resistance.

Quality box leather


Continuous fabric test and persistence of attitudes, we have created a refined fabric that corresponds to the Georg Jensen brand spirit.

The surface of the fabric is smooth, delicate and elegantly soft. The fabric is tough, wear-resistance, not easy to generate static electricity, no deformation, no hairball.

      Exclusive Nylon


Water repellent processing on the fabric.

Water repellent processing forms a protective film on the surface of the fabric to temporarily block the moisture. When it is lightly raining, the surface of the fabric will form water droplets. It can be shaken off by hand, and will not penetrate into the fiber immediately which can delay the wetness of the fabric.

Water resistance


Using a delicate fabric, humble hot embossed pattern, to show Georg Jensen's restrained heritage

Exclusive Lining


Georg Jensen exclusive hardware was developed by Danish design. 

Electroplating and plating method, the metal surface is smooth and has a mirror effect, the texture is clear, wear resistance and not easy to rust.

The raw material is made of European 3# zinc alloy environmentally friendly material as a die-casting material. It passed the SGS salt spray test which reaches the European and American national standards.



The high-quality metal zipper is used which is smooth and certified by IAF International Standard.



Magnesium is added in the aluminum alloy, which has both strengthens hardness of the metal and lightweight. The aluminum-magnesium alloy has high strength, high protection, impact resistance, good shock resistance, and good moisture resistance. This material is applicable to the construction of an airplane.


Compressive and impact resistance, cold and hot resistance, good performance, toughness, excellent shock absorption, and light-weight. Can effectively mitigate impact force, resists falling and not easily damaged.