Returns and Refunds Policy

In accordance with consumer protection law, we allow seven-day free returns (including weekends), which begins on the next day the order is received. Any returns outside the seven-day period, would not be processed.

To begin your return process, please let us know by email, or by filling out the return request on our site by logging into your account

We do not accept returns upon delivery. Please sign the goods as received and apply for return and refund. Please note that you are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the product before the return process is completed and all damage to the returned item body or function will not be covered by the return policy. Kindly check below the important details we have specified when returning your purchased items: 
Products with following conditions, cannot be refunded or returned:

  1. Ink well, pen replacement cartridge, or any consumable products
  2. Customized products
  3. Pre-order products ( special specification, type or manufactured after the order is made )
  4. Product is used, damaged beyond repair, or has missing parts.
  5. Product specially labeled "Cannot be refunded or returned after open"
  6. Product packaging damaged (include in damages caused by delivery label or sticky tape)
  7. Cannot reach the customer with any provided contact method for 15 days after the return/refund is applied.
The "refundable complete product" consists of the following:
  1. Main product body
  2. User manual
  3. Attached documents (warranty card, certifications, or any documents comes with the shipping)
  4. Product accessories (thank you card, silver cloth,  and any items comes with the shipping)
  5. Invoice (only applies if you have requested a paper invoice, otherwise it is not necessary. )
  6. Other items ( gifts or any items comes with the shipping )

Please note that the 7-day period is not a trial period; hence the item must be in completely new condition, must not have been worn, altered, or damaged, and with original packaging, tags, warranty, and care card intact. Please do not tamper with the outside packaging (product box) as it is considered part of the product itself; otherwise, a fee will be charged corresponding to the amount of damage.
Shall you decide return back the goods yourself, please note that you will bear the cost of shipping. Also, do keep in mind that we reserve the right to claim compensation for damage to or loss of any product caused during shipment.