Returns and Refunds Process

We will process your returns within 15 days of pick up from the original address you have provided. The returned items will be shipped to: 


Suite 805, 8F., No.136, Sec 3, Renai Rd.
Da-An District, Taipei City, Taiwan
Attn: Georg Jensen Travel Customer Service Center


1. Fill out the online form. Please fill in the online returns application form. Kindly login to your account, scroll down below the "Refund/ Return My Orders" and click "Apply for returns". 
2. Our customer service representative will reach out to you within three working days (weekends not included). 
3. Fill in the returns application form that you received together with your order. This will ensure that the returned items, amount, and your information matches correctly. 
4. Please use the shipping carton provided to return the product and include any accompanying items, such as packing materials and any gift items. Also, please ensure that the return slip is placed in the carton.
5. Our partner courier will pick up the goods on our behalf. If in case you entrust the pick up to someone, please make sure that the product is placed in a safe and free from humidity and exposure from sunlight. Please keep the product intact before we arrange the logistics personnel to obtain the goods. 
6. Refunds. After receiving your goods, we will inspect them and if the goods are in perfect condition, our customer service representative will contact you. The refund process will take up to 14 days, and will be refunded to the credit card you have used upon ordering. Please note that we cannot provide refunds to the credit cards you didn't use upon purchase, nor give you cash as a refund. We are also unable to refund to you the processing fees entailed in the transaction. 
7. Your invoice will be canceled after the completion of the refund. This is in accordance with the Taiwan Executive Yuan provision that by conducting the transaction in our site or any electronic means, returns invoices will not be issued. Shall there be the request for an invoice, kindly contact us and we will issue it for you.