Writing instruments

Make your pen yours. 
Your pen learns with your writing habits. In order to maintain your pen's best writing condition, regular maintenance should be done. 

Daily use is the best form of maintenance. Besides quarterly maintenance, cleaning is necessary when the feed system is blocked. If so, replace the ink.
Cleaning the converter:
  1. Remove the barrel by moving it counterclockwise. Release the ink by turning the end of the converter.
  2. Soak the nib into warm water.
  3. Twist the piston converter clockwise at the top to force the air out, then twist the top of the piston converter clockwise to draw the ink up into the converter. Repeat until cleaned.
Method for cleaning a card type ink tube
Remove the pen, remove the ink cartridge, install the suction device, and clean like the converter. 
Carrying and storage 
Point the pen upwards especially when in a plane. It is better to place it in its own case or box so as to prevent it from scratches and damage.

Q:Can pens be shared?
A:The pen is a kind of stationery that will change according to the user's habits, so it is best to use one's own.